Year 12 Camp 2019

October 2, 2019 no comments

This year the Year 12 students enjoyed their eco tent experience at Otentic, which provided a luxurious camping experience, complete with numerous facilities as well as services. From the 28th  to the 30th of August we camped together, relishing the marvels of nature that were on offer. Since the trip took place at the beginning of the academic year, it enabled new students to form bonds and memories and helped the year group grow closer as a whole.

The trip began with a challenging climb up Le Pouce, many experienced climbers welcomed the experience and it functioned as an ingenious ice breaker as we established a sense of trust with our peers. Despite the spontaneous showers of rain, the mossy trees and rocks, steep slopes as well as the slippery surfaces, everyone managed to accomplish this feat. Nonetheless, the end result was very rewarding as we gazed upon the northern coastline. During our lunch at the top of the mountain we appreciated the panoramic views before we continued our descent.

Thanks to our very supportive and caring staff, we managed to make our way back safely with few cuts and bruises. We then proceeded to travel to our camping site on a very energised bus ride. My classmates and I were warmly greeted by the owners of the campsite.

Offered with many activities which were sure to drain us of our energy, we set out to kayak, boat ride or paddle board, whilst others preferred to play volleyball. In the evening we enjoyed the luxury of the spacious tents. Later on we devoured some much deserved Italian food and sung around the campfire to end the evening.

The next day we were up early. After we had breakfast we headed to a nearby island. The boat trip to our destination was very beautiful and refreshing, inhaling the ocean air as the wind whipped through our hair. The wonderful weather made our day at the beach even more pleasurable.

Each of us entertained ourselves in our own way, from playing football and volleyball to tanning and reading. Afterwards, we returned to camp, had lunch and refreshed ourselves. Once we were well rested and recovered from our daytrip, we all took part in some student-led activities. We played games and had a water balloon fight, which ended up with everyone drenched and in the pool. We then savoured a last delicious dinner, we spent the rest of our time playing card games and watching a talent show, with Northfields’ newest boyband giving a rousing rendition of Backstreet Boys’ ‘I Want it That Way.’

Sadly, our camp had to come to an end. We woke up the next day and enjoyed one last kayaking experience, it was very fun, and the waterfall was extremely captivating; the daring few amongst us braved the waters and swam, whilst the rest of us settled for paddle boarding or kayaking. After that we had to head back to school on a long bus ride.

Our camping trip was filled with laughter, fun and relaxation along with the occasional burst of adrenaline. It offered an opportunity to push ourselves out of our comfort zones, bringing us closer together as a year group and allowed us to create memories to treasure for many years to come, serving as a solid foundation for our last two academic years at Northfields.

Girisha Jingree