Action and Impact Day – Sep’ 18

October 29, 2018 no comments

Northfields organised an Action and Impact Day on Saturday 22nd September, at Bras D’eau National Park. The event was an action-filled half day whereby members of the school community came together to actively participate in the protection of our local environment. The community showed real motivation and determination on a Saturday morning. Children were enthusiastic about the event and were the main driving force in the success of this endeavour.

Students, staff and parents of Northfields, IPS and Martin Ecole came together – united to clean the beach of Bras D’eau and to plant endemic trees in the forest of Bras D’eau National Park.

Participants were divided into two functional groups; the “weeding and planting group” and “the beach clean-up group”. Two nature related workshops were also organised:

  1. A plant preservation workshop – Mr Stephane Philizot gave a brief demonstration on different techniques used to preserve plant species for future scientific studies. He explained enthusiastically on the need of students to develop a passion for scientific research.
  1. A craft workshop organised by Northfields teachers. Miss Green and Miss Ash used natural materials available on site to create beautiful handmade crafts. Our younger students were pleased to let their creativity loose. They created objects that were both beautiful and full of positive messages.

The result from this event was simply astounding:

  1. 32 trash bags of litter collected on the beach and the surrounding coastal region.
  2. The trash consisted mainly of plastic bottles, bags, syringes, wrappers, glass and cigarette butts.
  3. The total waste collected amounted to around 50 kg.
  4. We were able to weed a significant area of the forest for future planting.
  5. We planted around 60 endemic plants in the National park.

We do hope that through our campaigns we would be able to sensitise a greater number of people living on the island of the need to protect the natural capital of our island. As we say, children are the future of a country, so let us give them the right information for them to become more responsible citizens.

We would like to thank everyone who made this day a success. A special mention to the staff of the Bras Deau National Park who were ever helpful in providing information and support so the project could be realised.


More pictures available in the gallery.