Many fond memories of my time at Northfields

I arrived at Northfields International High School in 2003 when the school was in it’s infancy. I spent 7 very happy years watching the school grow until I graduated and left in 2010. I have since gone on to study a BSc degree in Sport and Exercise Science in the UK, followed by my teacher training qualification (QTS) in Secondary Science. I now work in a local secondary school in the UK as a Science teacher with responsibility for Key Stage 3. I have many fond memories of my time at Northfields, and thoroughly enjoyed my time there.”

Rebecca Marsh

I owe a great deal of my journey to the support from teachers at Northfields

After leaving Northfields, I completed my BA (Hons) in Economics and Politics at Lancaster University. I have just finished my MSc Management & Strategy at the London School of Economics. Career wise, I invest heavily in Fintech Ventures such as block chain. I owe a great deal of my journey to the support from teachers at Northfields.

Norman Wooding

I love my job

I was abroad for 3 years before returning to Mauritius after my studies last December 2016. Now I’m a full time employee in the department Health and Travel at Swan Insurance company since May. I love my job even though I have not studied insurance.

Anais Sem Fa

Good luck to all of you at school at the moment

My name is Olivia Pougnet, 24 years old, graduated in 2010 where I completed my A LEVELS in Geography, Bio, Business Studies and General Paper. I then went to study a Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology & Organisational Psychology at UCT, in Cape Town. I worked for a few Marketing/events companies in Cape Town for a little while then came back to manage the family business which I have great interest in – Grand Baie Gym & Spa, and, Gail’s Cafe & Catering. Currently I am working at Pam Golding in sales. It is an industry I have always had great interest in. I would like to take a gap year to travel around the US and Europe at some point in the near future.

I think travelling is important for one, but so is structure ? Good luck to all of you at school at the moment, you have a roller coaster ride waiting for you at the end of High School, and it just gets more intense after University.

But just enjoy every second and make the most of everything because at the end of the day everything falls into place.

Olivia Pougnet