Athletics 2019

May 27, 2019 no comments

The Northfields Interhouse Athletics Championships culminated in the track events taking place on Friday 3rd May at the Northfields Sports Club. All the field and middle distance events had already taken place during the preceding week and there was great excitement for the track events on Friday. The spirit was outstanding and the quality of athletics on display was most impressive. Congratulations to all the students on an excellent day of competitive athletics.

Final Results
Category winners
Poussine: Holly S.
Poussin: Stanislas L.
Benjamine: Celine G. and Nikita L.
Benjamin: Chadd N.
Minime: Amber F.
Minim: Mikael S.
Cadette: Clemence P.
Cadet: Malcom D.
Junior: Alexander T.
Junior: Kayla B.

Victor Ludorum (Junior): Mikael S.
Victrix Ludorum (Junior): Amber F.
Victor Ludorum (Senior): Malcolm D.
Victrix Ludorum (Senior): Kayla B.

Spirit Trophy: Phoenix

House Cup
1. Eagles 636
2. Phoenix 556
3. Dolphins 500