Bagpipe Around the world

December 19, 2019 no comments

On the 19th November, we had the pleasure of welcoming Ross Jennings to Northfields. Clad in a traditional kilt, knee-high socks and a crisp white shirt, clutching a set of bagpipes, Ross Jennings awed students and staff with his energy and bagpipes. He narrated how he first started playing the bagpipes as a young boy in a new school and he has not looked back since.

His love for bagpipes and travels has brought him to over a 100 countries. He shared with our students some of his most memorable experiences, one of which was how he was swiftly removed by a group of armed police from the Vatican City.

His journeys provide him a unique perspective on the places he travels to and the people he meets there. The students were intrigued and captivated by his story and travels.

He also shared fun trivia about bagpipes and kilts.
Students took away from this session that:
• We should celebrate our differences
• We are never alone
• We should find our heroes
• It is ok to make mistakes as long as we learn from them

We wish Ross Jennings all the best as he discovers the remaining countries and enchants with his music.