Cross Country 2019

October 2, 2019 no comments

The first Interhouse event of the year, cross country, took place on Tuesday 17th September. If this was a sign of things to come, we can expect outstanding spirit and fierce rivalry at every event this year. The weather played its role and conditions were perfect throughout the day. The athletes ran their hearts out in the first few races and this set the tone for the rest of the day. The display of perseverance, commitment, determination and spirit by our students throughout the day was inspirational and they are all to be congratulated. Once the dust had settled the final results were as follow:
Spirit Trophy: Dolphins

Cross Country Cup: 1st Eagles, 2nd Dolphins, 3rd Phoenix

Race winners:
Yr 5-6
Boys: 1st: Pierre L., 2nd Ladislas R., 3rd: Timeo S.
Girls: 1st: Jessica S., 2nd: Kayra T., 3rd: Eloise C.

Boys: 1st:Stanislas L., 2nd: Luc M., 3rd: Perkin S.
Girls: 1st: Emma P.; 2nd: Lexi C.; 3rd: Briseis J.

Boys: 1st: Remi D., 2nd: Enzo L., 3rd: Samuel S.
Girls: 1st: Victoria L., 2nd: Ophelia M., 3rd: Sofia P.

Boys: 1st: Dillon S., 2nd: Christian D., 3rd: Samuel S.
Girls: 1st: Jill H., 2nd: Jade G., 3rd: Morgane B.

Boys: 1st: Romeo P., 2nd: Marius L., 3rd: Alix P.
Girls: 1st: Aurelie T. & Kayla B., 2nd: Janine J., 3rd: Emma R.

More pictures are available in the Gallery.