Founders’ Day 2017

May 3, 2018 no comments

Founders’ Day was celebrated in great pomp as per the Northfields  tradition on Friday 6th October 2017. Students were recognised  or their wonderful academic achievements as well as their sporting and cultural talents. We also had three excellent performances by Aidan for a poem recital, a short story by Jayden and a song by Saphia and Aaron. Our guest of honour this year was Mr Robin Mardemootoo, Attorney-at –Law and founder of SPEAK. A number of special nominations were awarded on the day to staff and students which makes our Founders’ Day ever so special.

Congratulations to all of our prize winners:
Academic Awards
Year 7
1st – Louis M. – Joint 2nd – Diotime P. and Ilona K. – 3rd – Krystina K.
Year 8
1st – Robyn A. – 2nd – Maria F. – 3rd – Amber F.
Year 9
1st: Kushy Chuttoo – 2nd: Tom Burton – 3rd: Hassan Duffaydar
Year 10
1st: Aislin C. – 2nd: Aashika C. – 3rd: Aurelie T.
Year 12 IB
1st: Elise S. – 2nd: Yasmine J. – 3rd: Candice P.
Year 12 AS and A Level
1st: Shankaren M. – 2nd: Jonathan T. – 3rd: Rohan T.
IGCSE Examination Results
1st: Rohan T. – 2nd: Megan A. – 3rd: Domenico S.
Special Commendation: Habiba S. for Outstanding
IGCSE Examination Performance.
IB Examination Results
1st: Christopher P. – 2nd: Liam B. – 3rd: Ryo J.
AS & A-Level Examination Results
1st: Sakshi P. – 2nd: Saakshee R. – 3rd: Grace T.

Commendable progress:
Yr 7 – Sacha P. – Yr 8 – Amir O. – Yr 9 – Sarah Vallet
Yr 10 – Tein M.
ICE Certificates- May 2017
Firas D- Georgianna G.- Jasmine H.- Kayla M.- Sacha – P.- Michael P.- Hugo P.- Adam S.- Habiba S.
IB Diploma
Liam B.- Ryo J.*- Alban L.*- Francois M.*- Christopher P.*- Yael S.*
* Bilingual Diploma

Art and Design: Jasmine H
Biology: Megan A.
Business Studies & Design and Technology: Thomas E.
Chemistry, History, ICT & Physics: Habiba S.
Economics: Jordan M.
First Language English: Leah C.
English as a Second Language: Hugo P.
Environmental Management & Geography: Kayla M.
First Language French: Rohan T.
Foreign Language French & Literature: Adam S.
Mathematics: Alexis L.
Physical Education: Millie B.

Visual Arts: Yael S.
Business Management & English B (joint): Alban L.
Chemistry & ESS: Francois M.
English A, French A, History (joint), Mathematics,
Physics & Geography: Christopher P.
French B & History (joint): Liam B.
Biology: Ryo J.
English B (joint): Matteo S.

Biology & Chemistry: Grace T.
Business & Economics: Sakshi P.
Physics & Advanced Information Technology: Irfan C.
French: Florian L.
Geography & History: Luc L.
Mathematics: Saakshee R.
English: Alexandre V.

Yr 7- MALE: Sebastian K. / FEMALE: Jenna R.
Yr 8- MALE: William L. / FEMALE: Uliana D.
Yr 9- MALE: Malcom D. / FEMALE: Arissa D.
Yr 10- MALE: Noah G. / FEMALE: Aurélie T.
Yr 11- MALE: Stéphane D. / FEMALE: Millie B.
Yr 12- MALE: Hugo W. / FEMALE: Hannah B.
Yr 13- MALE: Liam B. / FEMALE: India S.
Junior Overall Sportsman: William L.
Junior Overall Sportswoman: Jenna R.
Senior Overall Sportsman: Liam B.
Senior Overall Sportswoman: Aurelie T.
Junior Sports Personality Boy: Dillon S.
Junior Sports Personality Girl: Maria F.
Senior Sports Personality Boy: Haashim D.
Senior Sports Personality Girl: Roxanna N.

Leadership Cup – Cynan C.
Service Award – Yaadav R.
Cultural Award – Max R.
Yvon Emile Cup – CJ W.
Northfields Cup – Shankaren M.
Overall Top Ten – Cyrus P.