We firmly believe that Humanities is a very important subject at Northfields. The Faculty and its programme provide students with the opportunity to study and to effectively analyse, synthesise and express their newly acquired knowledge and understanding. Humanities students ask and answer questions about the place and value of the individual in the society and how best to understand the environment in which they live in. The Faculty’s vision is to develop an open-minded, principled learner and aims to bring out the best in each student while making learning fun and meaningful. Humanities subjects are at the forefront of an- ever changing world and have a huge responsibility in preparing young people for life after school, therefore analysis and understanding is at the heart of our curriculum. In order to achieve this, Humanities consists of a broad range of subjects which are offered to students of Years 5-13.

The Faculty of Humanities is housed on the ground floor of the fourth phase and provides students with excellent facilities and a vast range of resources including: film, books, access to the media centre and software to ensure they reach their full potential. To encapsulate the whole, the Faculty of Humanities has a team of highly committed and talented teachers whose main aim is to provide outstanding teaching and learning experiences to the students at all times.

Objectives and Challenges

Faculty members and students work side by side. We value and seek out feedback and assistance from our colleagues who work in other faculties. We believe that our work and programmes are stronger because we work collaboratively. These are a few of the things that make us special. The faculty members have always been at the forefront to offer support to students conducting research as part of their IB programme, this includes focusing on research questions, undertaking research and compiling bibliography. We also invite guest speakers to campus who address the students on topics covered in class and provide real life case examples which bring their learning to life. We have a committed team of teachers who have embraced various after- school clubs which are run to develop excitement and interest in students. We encourage students to ask questions, look for evidence, verify their sources, and be open to new perspectives.

The Academic Programme

Year 5 and Year 6:
Year five and six pupils have two Humanities lessons per week. Students alternate between geography and history to allow pupils to focus on one topic at a time for more meaningful engagement with the topic being studied.
During the first and second terms, students are taught world History and Geography and follow the National Curriculum for England. The skills and knowledge that our students gain from these courses provides them with the necessary foundation on which to progress to high school studies.
In the third term, students focus on local History and Geography with a focus on Mauritian history and a study of their local area. This topic allows for them to be able to delve into map work and improve their map reading skills as well as to develop an understanding of the important events in Mauritian history.

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Year 7 and Year 8
The subjects taught at Year 7 & 8 include: Geography, History and PSHE.
The students will be continuously assessed by their subject teacher/s based on the content covered throughout the year. Curriculum information can be provided upon request.

Year 9
The subjects taught at Year 9 include: Geography, History, Commercial Studies, Personal, Social Health Education (PSHE).
The students will be continuously assessed by their subject teacher/s based on the content covered throughout the year. It is important to note that students in this year group are expected to achieve good grades if they would like to opt for the Humanities subject/s in the following year. Curriculum information can be provided upon request.

Year 10 and Year 11 (IGCSE)
The subjects taught at year 10 and 11 include: Business Studies, Economics, Geography and History.
These are externally examined by Cambridge at the end of the two year-programme; progress checks will be ongoing throughout each term. Curriculum information can be provided upon request.

Year 12 and Year 13 (A-level/IB)
The subjects taught at Year 12 and 13 include: Business /Business Management, Economics, Geography, History and TOK.
At this level students could opt for either the A-level or IB Diploma programme. For the A-level, the subjects are taught at both AS and AL.
As far as the IB Diploma programme is concerned, all IB subjects are offered at SL and HL. All IB students should opt for TOK as part of the study.