The Faculty of Mathematics and ICT of believe in learning in a methodological and conceptual way.  This is why there is a big emphasis on structure, practice and accuracy when marking and learning takes place.  At a junior level, students are encouraged to appreciate the manipulation of numbers and their relevance to numeracy in the day to day life.  For example, shopping, budget management and savings.  At a senior level, students would look at the relevance of Mathematics from an intellectual and philosophical point of view.  Questions like Would Mathematics exist without the input of mankind or has mankind been the creators?  Even from a religious of Physics point of view, Mathematics and ICT would be intruders.  How can the Strings theory which explains the creation of the universe in Physics have as basis binary digits?  How would the Fibonacci series be existing in nature?  How can the structure of human lungs be fractals?


In the long run, we intend to not create individuals.  We intend to allow the expression of individual students and help them to explore themselves by looking into them and their environment so that they can come up with plausible hypotheses about their surroundings and learn important truths about the world.  Leaving the philosophical side aside, we offer a wide range of subjects for a variety of abilities.  At IGCSE level, we offer IGCSE Mathematics; both core and extended, Additional Mathematics, Information and Communication technology.  At a more senior level, we offer the Cambridge A-Level Mathematics, AICT, IB Mathematics and ITGS.  In the past, we have had students who came second nationally in the A-level Mathematics Examinations and other students who achieved grades 5 and 6’s at higher level Mathematics.


We look at the development of students from the junior years up to the senior ones.  Each level is crucial to us and we seem to be successful with what we are currently doing.  For example, for the year 2014-2015, 100% of students achieved an A*-C in Additional Mathematics.  At a senior level, all students who took Additional Mathematics got at least a C in their A-level examinations with two of them getting A* from a group of 13 students.


Nevertheless, our aim remains to make students disciplined but at the same time explore and enjoy the subject.  This is why we organize Mathematics/ICT Quizzes, Mathematics treasure hunts and provide students with opportunities to do presentations about Mathematical topics.  Topics like the use of Mathematics to inform and be wise when manipulated by financial institutions or the use of algorithms in generating personalized advertisements to influence the minds of people are often discussed.  We intend to shape responsible and thoughtful young citizens and I believe we are already doing this and will continue to reinforce this philosophy about education.


The faculty members are as follows:

Mr Geerish Ramgolam - Head of Faculty

Mrs Rajeshree Kallee

Mr Aavish Kumar Parayag

Mr Steven Carpenter

Mrs Phyllis Philogene

Mrs Anistha Busawah

Mr Neelesh Gurjoo

Mrs Sanjeevi Cuneapen



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