"A school that not only gives you, in my opinion, the best education on the island but also gives something a million times more important - the opportunity to grow and become who you are meant to be is rare in today's world. Those years spent in high school are crucial in so many ways and my time there got me to where I am today. Back in 2007 when I first started  school I had no idea what I was getting into but 7 years later I graduated as Head Girl, first in my International  Baccalaureate class and got admitted into one of my dream universities in the USA. The reason this was possible is because  NIHS allowed me and taught me to be open minded, to love learning instead of forcing me to and to be myself - no matter  what that entailed! With a stunning campus, incredible teachers and exceptional resources, NIHS is the key to success if you  are a teenager in Mauritius! I cannot stress how much I enjoyed my time there... Memories that will keep me company for a  lifetime!" Basanti Mardemootoo Class of 2014


"Northfields has not only taught me how to be better academically. Since form 1 till upper 6, NIHS has taught me how to face life and how obstacles are a mere fact that should be dealt with and not run away from. And today as a student studying law, I realize that all the hard work, all the responsibility as the deputy head girl, and all the pressure put to make events a success was not only for self satisfaction, but also to feel accomplished when seeing the wonders of hard work and team work put together, unravel .No doubt Northfields will carry on moulding leaders of the future." Deepa Appadoo Class of 2014



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