Interhouse Cross Country 2018

June 7, 2018 no comments

The Northfields inter-house cross country event was held over two days. The Year 5 and 6 students competed on Monday 21st whilst the rest of the school participated on Wednesday 23rd May. The objective this year was to try and get all our students to participate. The format of the races was changed
somewhat to allow the whole school to be available for the races to ensure our athletes enjoyed some vociferous support from the stands. Many of the races were extremely closely contested with the lead regularly changing hands. Well done to all the finishers as well as to the numerous staff members who also completed the course.

Congratulations to the age group winners
Boys: 1st Stanislas L. (Dolphins); 2nd Luc M. (Dolphins); 3rd Lucien P. (Dolphins)
Girls: 1st Emma P. (Eagles); 2nd Mila K. (Dolphins); 3rd Isabella C. (Dolphins)

Boys: 1st Sebastian C. (Dolphins); 2nd Sam S. (Phoenix); 3rd Morgan G.
Girls: 1st Victoria L. (Dolphins); 2nd Calypso J. (Eagles); 3rd Cappucine P. (Eagles)

Boys: 1st Dillon S. (Dolphins); 2nd Christian D. (Eagles); 3rd Michael M. (Phoenix)
Girls: 1st Jill H. (Phoenix); 2nd Carla P.(Dolphins); 3rd Jade G. (Dolphins)

Boys: 1st Marius L. (Eagles); 2nd Domenico S. (Dolphins); 3rd Michael D. (Eagles)
Girls: 1st Arissa D. (Phoenix); 2nd Kenya M.(Eagles); 3rd Olivia M. (Phoenix)

Boys: 1st Finlay H. (Dolphins); 2nd Alexis L. (Phoenix); 3rd Adam S. (Eagles)
Girls: Kayla M. (Phoenix)

More pictures are available in the gallery.