Interhouse Cross Country

September 21, 2018 no comments

Interhouse cross country 2018 was a loud and raucous affair with a record numbers of participants completing the course. The spirit on the day was outstanding with each house trying to outdo the others in both the singing and dancing departments. The spirit cup has become a much sought after trophy and each house pulled out all the stops to try and be the 2018 champions. Congratulations to all the participants as well as the 18 teachers who completed the course. The final results were incredibly close and the house positions were as follows:

House Cup

  1. Dolphins
  2. Phoenix
  3. Eagles

Spirit Trophy



Medal Winners

Year 5/6 Girls

  1. Scarlett A.
  2. Martha A.
  3. Shreya J.


  1. Stanislas L.
  2. Perkin S.
  3. Thomas G.

Benjamin Girls

  1. Emma P.
  2. Abigail F.
  3. Isabella C.


  1. Samuel S.
  2. Lucien P.
  3. Doruk K.

Minim Girls

  1. Victoria L.
  2. Calypso J.
  3. Capucine P.


  1. William L.
  2. Ano M.
  3. Lucas L.


Cadet Girls

  1. Arissa D.
  2. Emma R.
  3. Uliana D.


  1. Dillon S.
  2. Marius L.
  3. Kurtik A.

Junior Girls

  1. Aurelie T.
  2. Hanna H.
  3. Kayla M.


  1. Alix P.
  2. Romeo P.
  3. Stephane D.

More pictures available in the Gallery.