Interhouse Table Tennis 2018

December 13, 2018 no comments

The tournament began on Wednesday 21st November with the Year 11s and came to a conclusion with the year 7’s on Thursday the 29th of November. The tournament took 6 days to complete with a rain day cancellation on Tuesday the 27th delaying the final two rounds of fixtures by a day.

Four girls and four boys from each house for every year group volunteered to participate in the weeks building up to the tournament. Therefore there were 12 participants in each round of fixtures for both the girls and boys. The draw worked randomly, ensuring that the first fixture each student played would be against an individual from a different house. Upon winning the first fixture, the victorious student moves on to a second round where they come up against another victor from the first round (the losers in round 1 were eliminated). The three victorious students from the second round of fixtures win the house point for their respective houses, meaning that for each year group there would be 6 individual winners.

The winners for each year group are as follows:
Year 7
Boys & Girls
Sedge (D) & Kylie (D)
Luca (D) & Taylor (P)
Chadd (P) & Anabelle (P)

Year 8:
Boys & Girls
Rudra (D) & Kiara (D)
Noah (D) & Elizabeth (D)
Samuel (P) & Esme (E)

Year 9
Boys & Girls
Mikhail (D) & Victoria (D)
Finn (P) & Sydney (P)
Sacha. T (E) & Calypso (E)

Year 10
Boys & Girls
William (D) & Cleo (D)
Benjamin (P) & Maria (P)
Sebastian (P) & Ileana (E)

Year 11
Boys & Girls
CJ (D) & Maddi (E)
Matt (P) & Barbara (P)
Christian (E) & Caroline (E)

Year 12/13
Boys & Girls
Domenico (D) & Aislin (P)
Romeo (E) & Ashika (E)
Alexis H (P) & Katharina (E)

The overall results are as follows with a total of 36 points available:
In 3rd place: Eagles with 10 points
Tied for 1st place: Dolphins & Phoenix with 13 points each.

Well done to all of the participants.