Meraki Presentation

December 13, 2018 no comments

Throughout the course of the last 9 weeks, I was fortunate enough to have participated in the Meraki Entrepreneurs Program, one that I have truly benefited from. This programme has allowed me to experience first hand the general process of how a business is initially planned, developed and completed; as well as how much work and detail goes into every stage of an organisation. I have learnt to be innovative and have gained more insight into the different types of roles and responsibilities that one has to perform as an entrepreneur, something that I believe is valuable to any person regardless of whether they study Business or not.

Reflecting back on the first day of this programme, all I can remember was feeling overwhelmed by what was expected of us, and also, I was reluctant to put forward any of my ideas. Now, having completed this programme and being part of the winning team, I can honestly say that this programme is rewarding in many more ways than just one. Meraki has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and put forward an idea that me and my team members were truly passionate about. This programme has also allowed me to grow as a student in terms of my newfound knowledge that has come from this project. This is why I encourage all students who have the opportunity to take part in this programme to do so. My only advice to them would be that if they have an idea that they believe in, they should do all in their power to pursue it.

I truly thank the organisers for allowing me and my peers to be part of this course and hope that this tradition continues in the years to come at Northfields.

Kayla B., Year 12


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