Modern Languages


All students at Northfields have the opportunity to study French, either as a First Language or as a Foreign Language. Foreign Language classes are structured around the four areas of language acquisition; namely Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. In all French classes, students have the opportunity to learn more about the culture of French-speaking regions through research work and projects.

We believe in the use of information technology to support language learning. Our classes are equipped with projectors and students are often taken to IT labs to access language websites. In addition to textbooks, teachers also use magazines, songs and movies to make sure students are exposed to the language.

Objectives and Challenges

In First Language classes, students are expected to develop their reading skills to respond to and appreciate a variety of texts. Students are also taught how to communicate effectively in writing.

Special Projects

Journée de la Francophonie – every year, on the 20th March, we celebrate the fact that French is spoken in more than 80 countries around the world. In 2017, we organised a poetry competition on the 10 words chosen by l’organisation internationale de la Francophonie. The theme was Dis-moi dix mots sur la Toile.

‘Ciné Club’ - Our next project is to offer a Cine Club during lunch time; film adaptations of French literature books will be shown to encourage more students to read.

‘Atelier Philo’- As a pilot project to improve our students’ debating skills in French, group discussions on philosophical subjects have been introduced in Year 10. Once a week, students debate in groups on different themes. By presenting and justifying their opinions, they also develop their critical skills preparing them for our Upper School programme.

The Academic Programme

In order to improve our students’ vocabulary and general appreciation of French, readers have been introduced at all levels. Students, even in Foreign Language classes, are exposed to books and are taught how to make the most of this experience.

Year 9-11
In an attempt to re-introduce Spanish in our school curriculum, in academic year 2017-2018, students in Year 9 will have a taste of the language for half the year.
In Year 10-11 students can either write the First Language or Foreign Language French paper. Next year Spanish as a Foreign Language will also be added to the IGCSE curriculum for Years 10 and 11.

Year 12 and 13
Students can write the AS Level or the A Level French paper. IB students can either be prepared for the French A or the French B course.