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At Northfields we take pride in being a school who care for our school community and for the underprivileged. As such, students in all years are encouraged to contribute actively in helping those who are in need. Christmas Box has been a huge success over the years, to bring a smile to those who are unfortunate. Students also regularly help with monetary contributions to PAWS. Recently, with the setting up of the Junior Optimist Club, students have raised money for children with diabetes.

Students in Year 11 write their IGCSE exams in May/June and immediately after have to complete 2 weeks of service to be eligible to join us in Year 12. The experiences vary depending on the school the students have been posted to for that period of time. This is a great opportunity for our students to be involved in a different world and gain first- hand experience.

‘It was a great opportunity to help the elderly of our society, helping them with their daily chores and shopping. I was glad that I was able to make a difference in their lives’.

Ojasvi Patel, Year 10 R