Physical Education

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The Physical Education Faculty encourages students to stay active and become involved in all the different activities we offer at Northfields. All year groups partake in two hours of PE per week where they are given the opportunity to develop their skills in a wide range of sports to build upon their basic skills. Some of the sports we offer are listed below:

• Basketball
• Netball
• Football
• Athletics
• Swimming
• Rounders

Objectives and Challenges


We provide healthy competition throughout the year through inter-house activities in each of the sports we teach. All students are divided up into either Eagles, Dolphins or Phoenix houses and compete against each other for the prestigious House Cup.
Our students also have the opportunity to participate in inter-school competitions which are run through the Mauritius Secondary Schools Sports Association (MSSSA). This gives them the opportunity to represent their school and compete against other schools around the island. Northfields prides itself on doing well in such competitions and are the current holders of the following titles:

• National girls Swimming champions
• Regional boys Basketball champions
• Regional Benjamin boys Athletic champions

We offer after- school sporting activities such as Swimming, Basketball, Netball, Cricket and Athletics and also encourage our students to participate in other sports outside of school. Many of them excel in a variety of activities, for example Horse riding, Vaulting, Tennis, Rugby, Windsurfing and Kite surfing, where one of our students currently hold the title of world champion! The teachers often join in with the students for different school challenges like the Deutsche Bank cycle race and the Nandos open water swim, where we are the current Mauritian school champions.

Taking sport to a new level
IGCSE, AS, A LEVEL AND IB (Sports Exercise and Health Science)
Students from Year 10 will have the opportunity to take the following examinations in Physical Education:

• Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Physical Education Theory.
• Cambridge International AS/A level Physical Education Theory.
• IB Sports Exercise and Health Science (SEHS).

The Academic Programme

Year 5-11
The PE practical classes are divided up into a variety of modules which students participate in over the course of the year. Each module lasts approximately 8 weeks. PE classes are generally 2 hours long and take place mostly at the sports club or at the swimming pool. The activities which are taught are basketball, netball, football, swimming, athletics (track and field), cross country and rounders. Students are taught the rules, techniques as well as strategy required to be successful in each given sport.

Year 10-11
The IGCSE course offers students the chance to develop their sporting skills to a higher level and discover how the body works to help them exercise. They will be able to improve their own performance and the performance of others through a variety of training methods and develop their own personal exercise programs.
Cambridge International A and AS Level Physical Education and IB SEHS provides a suitable foundation for the study of Physical Education, Sport Sciences or related courses in higher education. Equally, it is suitable for candidates intending to pursue careers or further study in teaching, coaching, sport development, the leisure industry, recreational management and professional sport, or as part of a course of general education.

Year 12-13
Students in Year 12 and 13 are given more responsibility in terms of their physical well- being and development. Students can choose from a variety of activities and sports in which they would like to participate. They arrange their own programs and really enjoy this independent approach to Physical Education. Activities on offer are: circuit training, cross country, touch rugby, netball, basketball, cricket, football, table tennis and boxing.