Swimming Gala 2019

March 6, 2019 no comments

Congratulations to all the swimmers, supporters, officials, ground staff and parents who all contributed towards making the day such a successful one.
The Interhouse Swimming Gala opened with the house parades and war cries. The spirit displayed by the houses was incredible throughout the day and everyone did their houses proud. The standard of swimming was outstanding and it was great to see how hard the students had been working leading up to the gala. Apart from a brief shower, we were generally very lucky with the weather and everything ran according to schedule.
The gala ended with a fun, but competitive race between the senior students and staff.
Congratulations to Phoenix on winning both trophies, the Interhouse Cup and the Spirit Cup.

The final results were as follows:
Category Winners
Poussin – Rayan A.
Poussine – Holly S./Charlotte B.
Benjamin – Luca H.
Benjamine – Riley P.
Minim – Sebastian W.
Minime – Jenna R.
Cadet (B) – Noah G.
Cadet (G) – Arissa D.
Junior (B) – Michael P.
Junior (G) – Aurelie T.

Junior Victor Ludorum
Luca H./Sebastian W.

Junior Victrix Ludorum
Jenna R.

Senior Victor Ludorum
Noah G.

Senior Victrix Ludorum
Aurelie T.

Spirit tophy

House Cup
1. Phoenix – 633
2. Eagles – 561
3. Dolphins – 531