Swimming Gala 2020

February 13, 2020 no comments

The Northfields Interhouse Swimming Gala took place on Friday 7th February amidst much excitement as all 3 houses kicked off the gala with their own war cries and parade around the pool. The singing and chanting never let up for a minute and the spirit from the stands was outstanding throughout the day. The swimmers seemed to respond to all the encouragement as the standard of swimming this year was exceptional. The final result was in doubt throughout the day as the lead see-sawed regularly which resulted in the relays being incredibly exciting. Congratulations to all the swimmers as well as the supporters on the stands for a memorable day of swimming.

Category Winners
Poussin Boys – Francois D.
Poussin Girls – Chloe M.
Benjamin Boys – Luca H.
Benjamin Girls – Anshee K.
Minim Boys – Chadd N.
Minim Girls – Calypso J./Lily J.
Cadet Boys – Sebastien W.
Cadet Girls – Jade G.
Junior Boys – Samuel S.
Junior Girls – Aurelie T.

Victor and Victrix
Junior Boys – Luca H.
Junior Girls – Anshee K.
Senior Boys – Samuel S./Sebastien W.
Senior Girls – Aurelie T.

Spirit Cup: Dolphins

Final Results
1. Phoenix
2. Dolphins
3. Eagles