Lower Primary

Lower Primary – 6 years old to 9 years old
Years 2, 3 and 4

The Lower Primary is a natural progression from the Children’s House programme. There are a number of changes to meet the natural needs of the child. Having mastered their physical independence, they now embark on their intellectual independence. Lower Primary is a period of construction.

The 6-9-year-old child is identified by the ‘why’ questions and their active imaginations. They have a decreasing need over the three years to use concrete materials in their work as they develop their abilities to reason and abstract.

The Lower Primary curriculum aims to address the children’s needs. The curriculum is holistic; it presents the ‘big picture’ stimulating the children’s imaginations and demonstrating he inter- connectedness of everything in the world.

In this cycle the Lower Primary curriculum is a mixture of explicit instruction in literacy and mathematics as the children develop their academic skills and opportunities to develop their capabilities in critical and creative thinking; their personal and social capabilities; their ethical and cultural understanding.