How to Apply

Applications for enrolment at the school must be submitted through our online application form. Parents unable to complete an application online can call the admissions office for assistance. Do however note that completing the application form does not confirm the admission.

Completed files may be sent electronically to [email protected] (5MB limit per e-mail) or via post.
Stage 1: Enquiry
Stage 2: Online Application
Stage 3: Document Submission
Stage 4: Entry Assessments
Stage 5: Review Process
Stage 6: Committee Decision


Admission Policies:

Northfields Admission Policy – Secondary

Northfields Admission Policy- Primary

Stage 1 - Enquiry

Before you can decide to apply to Northfields, you must decide that Northfields is right for you. We are here to help you do that. If you do not find your answers on the website, please connect with the Northfields Admissions Team in order to get them. Once you have identified Northfields as a possible match for your family, we would invite you to come visit us on campus by scheduling a visit with a member of the admissions team.

Stage 2 - Online Application

Applications for enrolment at the school must be submitted through our online application form. Parents unable to complete an application online can call the admissions office for assistance.

Stage 3 - Document Submission

Once you have made the Online Application, the time comes for submitting the application materials.
Exactly what is required varies slightly depending on the age of your child. Please visit our Download Center for complete application packets and an application checklist.Completed files may be sent electronically to [email protected] (5MB limit per email) or via post.

Stage 4 -Entry Assessments

As soon as we receive a complete application from you, the admissions team will schedule an entrance assessment. This assessment consists of English, Mathematics and *French papers. These assessments are taken at Northfields at a fee of Rs 1,000. For overseas students; Northfields will arrange for the assessments to be taken at the student’s current school. Parents must notify and make arrangements with the student’s current school. Once done, parents should provide a contact name and an official school email address of the coordinator to our Admissions Team.
Upon satisfactory results achieved, the child will move on to the next stage in the application process.
*Not applicable to beginners

Stage 5 -Review Process

Once entrance assessments are corrected, the complete student file will undergo a detailed review by our Admissions Committee. This committee includes members of our Admissions Team, the Head of Schools and other members of the educational team, as deemed appropriate. Each student’s application is given careful consideration. This may involve some additional follow-up in certain cases, when we feel this is necessary to enable us to make a decision.
We endeavor to communicate the Admissions Committee’s final decision and information regarding next steps. In all cases, we try our best to keep you informed as the process moves forward.

Stage 6 - Committee Decision

When the Admissions Committee has reached a decision, this is communicated to you via email. There are four main possible outcomes:

  • The candidate is accepted.

If your application is successful and we have a suitable space available, you will be offered a place at the school.

  • The candidate is conditionally accepted.
    If your assessment results do not meet the criteria set, you will be offered a conditional place at the school.
  • The candidate is offered a space on the waiting list.
    Sometimes, we have a number of candidates competing for the same spot, and in such cases some applicants unfortunately have to be offered spaces on the waiting list.
  • The candidate is not accepted.
    Sadly, we do sometimes have to deny admission to candidates. This normally occurs when the Admissions Committee feels that Northfields would not be the most appropriate environment for the student, based on the services we offer and our criteria for admission.