Student Leadership
Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) has always been an intricate and important part of Northfields International High School and our aims are to support the students in all ways relating to school life. The 2022 Student Representative Council (SRC) is a collaboration of students from different sections of the High School, who have the community focus of supporting their fellow students and promoting the growth and prosperity of the school. Each class is represented by two students who are democratically elected as aspiring to the school values and adhering to the roles and responsibilities of an SRC member.

The aim of the SRC is to listen to students, respond to feedback and suggestions and form strong teacher student relationships to maximise achievement, engagement and promote an increased sense of community engagement. SRC members play a pivotal role, by representing the school in a variety of forums, as well as working collaboratively with staff members to organise and coordinate special events. Through these experiences, SRC students have the opportunity to develop their understanding and abilities in a range of areas across the curriculum. The SRC also works closely with the Staff and Parents’ Association and Leadership to plan and organise a range of social and cultural events and to support the school and the wider community. It represents all students’ views on academic and experience-related issues. This gives students the forum to give the school valuable feedback when planning for the future.


Northfields Sixth Form students have the opportunity to become student leaders through our Prefect leadership programme. Each year through a system of applications, interviews and voting, a select group of students are appointed as the Prefect body. The Prefects lead the student community through various activities such as leading school assemblies, supporting students during breaktimes, running extracurricular activities and supporting individual faculties with their events. Prefects demonstrate a commitment to the school values and to continuing to develop their leadership skills through workshops and collaboration with staff and other students. 

From elected Prefects, Senior Prefects are selected to lead and manage the Prefect body. The Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl meet with the Secondary Principal on a regular basis and chair meetings of the Prefects weekly. 

Being a Prefect allows committed students to hone their leadership, communication and organisational skills. Prefects generally serve for a period of one academic year from April of Year 12 to April of Year 13.