Alumni Testimonals

Alumni Testimonals

Aboo Purdasy (graduated in 2010)

“A journey is a thousand miles but it always starts with one little step. This step started when I had started my secondary education at Northfields International High School whereby I was privileged to be surrounded by remarkable advocates of education who trickle down the passion of learning and helped me into paving through various obstacles in life.

I have nurtured my ability to strive forward and develop an all-rounded schematics of skills to conquer the echelons of life whereby today I feel that the sky is the only limit. Northfields has provided me a good insight of what lies ahead as a student and also provided me with the prerequisite apparatuses to bloom into a more capable person, allowed me to graduate with a MSc in Financial Management and also help me in my day to day life as a Corporate Banker for one of the esteemed commercial banks in Mauritius.”


Sakshi Purgus (graduated in 2017)

“Studying at Northfields for seven years was one of the highlights of my life in Mauritius. I graduated five years ago and I am now working at True North Partners after completing my Master’s degree in Human Resources at King’s College London. My memories of my friends and teachers are invaluable, and those days shaped my future into what it is today. I am grateful to Northfields for providing me with the opportunity to grow my leadership abilities as Head Girl, which I will treasure for the rest of my life.”


Ridwaan Choolun (graduated in 2015)

“Northfields helped me to learn valuable academic and life lessons. I had incredible teachers who are fantastic in their jobs. My favorite subjects were Economics and Business with Mr. Bundhun and Ms. Prayag. I graduated in June 2015 and pursued my further studies in International Business Management in Canada. I am currently working for the Federal government of Canada (Canada Revenue Agency) dealing with taxation and I also own a SME called “Prestigelokal” operating into digital marketing and textile production of apparels in Mauritius. I loved every minute spent at Northfields and made lifelong friends and connections!”