Christmas Carols
Music | 6 December 2022

It is with great enthusiasm that we returned to a live Christmas Concert this term. All year groups were represented by at least one student and the big crowd came from the year 7. The repertoire featured a wide range of music, from traditional carols like Silent Night and Feliz Navidad to seasonal favorites like Last Christmas and Happy Christmas.
We were blessed to hear the beautiful voices of some and amazed by the passion of others who played instruments like the piano, keyboard and the guitar. Some students made solo performances while some others sang in small and large groups.
The school ensemble also participated in the event with Eloise Cornish on the keyboard, Ameline Cornish, Ines Hurnaum and Ines Espitalier Noël on guitar and Vettri Kallee on vocals. This ensemble is very recent and despite the fact that they are all beginners, they managed to play and sing White Christmas. I do encourage the singers and instrument players in the school community to join us on Fridays after school, to help expand and improve the repertoire of the group.
A massive well done to all those involved in the concert. Special thanks to the participants for their hard work and dedication, the two MC’s Lucie and Suryansh, Reneeta & Julie from the marketing department, Mrs. Ribbonaar, Miss Nadia, members of staff who were here to help, the year group leaders, the IT department, the heads of school and the parents. It was a really enjoyable time and helped to spread some festive cheer.
Mr. Ashley Patten