Diwali Celebration 2024
Events | 10 November 2023

The Northfields community celebrated Diwali on the 10th of November with a wonderful afternoon filled with dancing, singing, and brilliant performances in honor of the festival of light. Our unforgettable event was organized by a team of us Year 12 CAS students, whose devotion and collaboration on this event allowed it to be a great success.

We worked hard in the two weeks prior to the event, ensuring our Diwali celebration would be seamless and enjoyable. This meant hours of work creating handmade flower garlands and decorating the hall and school entrance to make it bright and colorful. Our creativity was an asset to the organization of Diwali, as we had a high standard to meet with the previous years’ successes. Fortunately, we had many artistic members on our team who could guide us in making decorations.

With our goal of making the Diwali event even more memorable, we organized an activity for students to create rangoli patterns outside the hall for everyone to see. It was lovely to witness the involvement of the younger years in doing the rangoli patterns and the collaboration with us Year 12 students, bringing the Northfields community together. The excellent Diwali show concluded with the highly anticipated fashion show, which did not fail to impress.

With the entire audience captivated and clapping along to the music, our beloved teachers and students walked through the hall in beautiful Diwali dress.

by Annabelle I. – Year 12