Founders’ Day
Events | 28 September 2022

This year Northfields celebrated Founder’s Day with great pomp due to the special commemoration of its 20-year anniversary.
We were very lucky and blessed to have the founding Headmistress, Mrs Paula Atchia as our special guest on the day. Her message to the community was on the importance and relevance of education and how education has evolved so much in the past 20 years. We were very lucky and inspired by her wise words.

The Academic and Sporting awards were once again very popular this year with students achieving excellent grades overall as well in IGCSE/IB international examinations.

Special congratulations to the Eagles House this year on winning the House Cup- this was a moment of great excitement.
The school also recognised staff members who had reached the 10-year milestone in their career.

We were also fortunate to honour those who had reached the 20-year milestone with our Director Mr John McIllraith, Our Head of School Mrs Philogene and our Assistant Principal for Student Life and Well-Being, Mrs Rungasamy who were all honoured by the school for their dedicated service to the community.

As always, we had amazing musical performances by the students who always make us extremely proud.
Northfields has achieved a great milestone of 20 years with the aim of empowering all students in achieving their full potential.
We have no doubt that our school will move from strength to strength in the next 20 years.