Swimming Gala 2023
Sports | 18 February 2023


The Secondary School Interhouse Swimming Gala took place on Friday 10th February. Congratulations to all the swimmers who participated as well as the spectators in the stands who ensured the swimmers were well supported throughout the day. The standard of swimming was excellent and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The results were as follows:

Overall Results:

Dolphins 206 pts
Eagles 187 pts
Phoenix 141 pts

Junior Victor & Victrix

Boys – Rayan A. & Travis P.
Girl – Gia K.

Senior Victor & Victrix

Boy – Luca H.
Girl – Gemma A.

Category Winners

Benjamin Boys – Travis P.
Benjamin Girls – Gia K.
Minim Boys – Rayan A.
Minim Girls – Anouchka P.
Cadet Boys – Luca H.
Cadet Girls – Gemma A.
Junior Boys – Tristan P.
Junior Girls – Calypso J.

Spirit Cup

1st session – Phoenix
2nd session – Eagles



The Year 5/6 Interhouse Swimming Gal took place on Wednesday 15th February.

Thank you to the Secondary School House Spirit Captains who ensured the younger students screamed raucously throughout in support of their houses and added to an electric atmosphere on the day.

The final results were as follows:

Overall Results:

Dolphins – 107 pts
Phoenix – 86 pts
Eagles – 35 pts

Category Winners

Poussin Boys – Luke Sandiford
Poussine Girls – Abby Allchin

Spirit Cup


Congratulations to all participants.