TOK Exhibition 2022
Academic | 31 March 2022

The Year 13 students have completed the TOK exhibition work and the TOK essay and are now busy focussing on revision for their written examinations which start on the 28th April and finish on the 20th May. The Year 12 students held their TOK exhibition on Thursday 31 March in the Hall. It was very pleasing to see the work put into preparing for the exhibition and the prompts brought to illustrate the students’ arguments.
The students spoke confidently and shared their ideas with staff and fellow students. The feedback received may allow them to change their approach before final submission of their essay which is due in Term 3. The Year 11 students had an opportunity to experience the TOK exhibition so that they have a better idea of what

lies ahead next year. It was also very pleasing to see the Year 13 students who are now more experienced with TOK help the Year 12 students by asking them directed questions and giving them feedback. It was wonderful to see the full cycle of learning taking place.