Sustainability Trip to Dubai
Academic | 11 March 2023

Our ambitious project- the very first Sustainability trip of Northfields was to incorporate sustainability perspective in our IB education by further developing and nourishing the type of youngsters we wish to send out into the world; engaged, compassionate, caring and lifelong learners.
Our trip to Dubai instilled a sense of curiosity among our students for the economy, culture and diversity of Dubai. Many important elements of our curriculum were incorporated into the tour which allowed the students to experience first hand, what they have already learned in class.
Not only did they get some exposure in the diversity and quality of life but through visits to Old Dubai homes, Bedouin tents and Old Dubai Architecture they were able to make first hand comparison with New Dubai.
This trip also offered a strong team building element, bringing some of the year 12 community even closer, encouraging and strengthening essential life, social and academic skills for the next stage of their learning journey, higher education, careers and beyond. Our students had the amazing chance to take away more than just amazing memories; but some unique skills which they will carry with them for life.
We also explored Masdar city which is a mixed-use, sustainable community, including employment-generating land uses, residential areas, parks, plazas and neighbourhood amenities, students learnt about the economic viability of such projects and improved quality of life within the lowest environmental footprint. Our students had the exquisite opportunity of travelling in a driverless car and experiencing clean technology. Students also learnt how a city/country can reach its full potential and ensure the delivery of measurable economic, social, and environmental benefits.