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A day at Northfields

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I love my job

I was abroad for 3 years before returning to Mauritius after my studies in December 2016. Now I’m a full time employee in the department Health and Travel at Swan Insurance company.

I love my job even though I have not studied insurance.

Anais Sem Fa

Many fond memories of my time at Northfields

I arrived at Northfields International High School in 2003 when the school was in it’s infancy. I spent 7 very happy years watching the school grow until I graduated and left in 2010. I have since gone on to study a BSc degree in Sport and Exercise Science in the UK, followed by my teacher training qualification (QTS) in Secondary Science. I now work in a local secondary school in the UK as a Science teacher with responsibility for Key Stage 3. I have many fond memories of my time at Northfields, and thoroughly enjoyed my time there.”

Rebecca Marsh

Never a dull moment!

I joined Northfields community in September 2005 with 56 students on its roll and I feel great to be given the fantastic opportunity to be part of this beautiful establishment to teach Business Studies.

I now Head the Faculty of Humanities and as in every job, each day brings along its own problems to solve and pleasures to enjoy, but nothing can be compared to the self-satisfaction in contributing to the betterment of a child’s future. There is never a dull moment! It is so rewarding to know students and teachers from different cultures and backgrounds whom you end up remembering a lifetime. That’s why I hope to be here for the many years to come.

Asvin Bundhun
Head of Humanities

The school continues to be a special place on the island

I have been associated with the school for the last thirteen years and the school continues to be a special place on the island. Northfields always wanted to provide a holistic education on the island where the aim was to develop both the academic potential and showcase the hidden talents of the students. While the school has grown in size by having new blocks and more students, the holistic approach still stayed the same.  The IB curriculum was introduced as a result as this curriculum helped students to be part of the learning era, develop their critical thinking and be inquisitive. On the other hand,  the rigorous A-level system was maintained for its emphasis on structure, attention to detail and depth of curriculum.

The school continues to add new layers by recently introducing new subjects like drama and Computer Science.  On the other hand, it continues to innovate like we have seen with the launching of the boarding school.  It is really an exciting time for the school right now as we continue to grow in size and aim at better standards of teaching and learning.

Geerish Ramgolam
Head of Mathematics and ICT Faculty, Eagles House Master

I owe a great deal of my journey to the support from teachers at Northfields

After leaving Northfields, I completed my BA (Hons) in Economics and Politics at Lancaster University. I have just finished my MSc Management & Strategy at the London School of Economics. Career wise, I invest heavily in Fintech Ventures such as block chain. I owe a great deal of my journey to the support from teachers at Northfields.

Norman Wooding

I feel priviledged

I joined Northfields in September 2005 when the school had Year 7 up to Year 11 only and our campus had only 2 buildings. I feel that I have grown together with the school, and it has been an absolute pleasure to have been part of the development of the school. At that time I helped in the PE department teaching swimming and was the laboratory technician. I feel privileged that the school allowed me to use my teaching background in becoming a full-time teacher so soon. Much has changed at Northfields, but I feel that the small group of teachers who have been here since the beginning help in maintaining our community atmosphere which encompasses forming strong working relationships with colleagues and by engaging parents support when it comes to providing students with the opportunities to maximise their potential. Northfields is very much ‘home’ for me and I have watched many students come and go, but each one of them always complementary of the experience they had at Northfields. It gives me a great sense of pride when our students return to offer their support to helping our current students personal development and to see our former students achieving success and happiness in their lives after Northfields.

Kirsty Daby
A Level Coordinator, MUN Coordinator, Biology and Science teacher

Good luck to all of you at school at the moment

My name is Olivia Pougnet, 24 years old, graduated in 2010 where I completed my A LEVELS in Geography, Bio, Business Studies and General Paper. I then went to study a Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology & Organisational Psychology at UCT, in Cape Town. I worked for a few Marketing/events companies in Cape Town for a little while then came back to manage the family business which I have great interest in – Grand Baie Gym & Spa, and, Gail’s Cafe & Catering. Currently I am working at Pam Golding in sales. It is an industry I have always had great interest in. I would like to take a gap year to travel around the US and Europe at some point in the near future.

I think travelling is important for one, but so is structure ? Good luck to all of you at school at the moment, you have a roller coaster ride waiting for you at the end of High School, and it just gets more intense after University.

But just enjoy every second and make the most of everything because at the end of the day everything falls into place.

Olivia Pougnet